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Tilex Coupons

Did you know that there is mold in your house? A study done by the University of Arizona sampled 160 different houses in various regions of the United States and found that each and every home contained some type of mold. Mold can form in many different places in the home. For example, carpet, drapes, sinks, showers, paint, garbage disposals and wood products. Mold can potentially be dangerous to your health or the health of your children. Mold can heighten the effects of asthma and cause sickness if ingested. Tilex has invented a way to get rid of the dirty mold that forms in our homes with their popular spray series.

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The spray series by Tilex offers four different options so you can get the best clean for your need. The first spray is called the Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator and Remover. This spray is designed to kill the moldy mildew at the root. If mildew is just simply wiped up each time it will not die. This spray is designed to penetrate the root and kill the mold at its source. It is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and mold while offering the best part, no scrubbing! This product is so powerful all you have to do is spray and wait. The Tilex Bathroom Cleaner is the all around cleaner that Tilex has to offer. This cleaner is bleach-free, so it is soft enough to work on surfaces like mirrors and glass without scratching. The Tilex Bathroom Cleaner is sure to make each surface in your bathroom shine like new while still killing 99.9% of germs.

Tilex Mold and Mildew spray will take away that mold right before your eyes with the help of Clorox Bleach. This spray is also helpful for those outside areas like the cement around your swimming pool and on plastic such as patio furniture.

The last one is the Tilex Fresh Shower Daily Shower Cleaner. This product is the only one that will prevent mold before it even has a chance to grow. All that is required for this is to spray the walls of your shower down right after your done. No wiping or anything like that is required. This product does not contain bleach or ammonia so it does not leave your tile looking dull or discolored.

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