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Dust is a huge problem in many homes. It can exacerbate allergies and even cause illness. Plus, it’s just plain annoying because it can be so difficult to contain and can leave everything looking just slightly dirty. If you’re struggling to keep a dust free home, Pledge and Pledge Coupons can help. Here are a few tips for keeping your home free from excess dust:

Pledge Coupons

1. Leave the shoes outside or keep them closed off. Shoes are huge trackers-in of dust, so leave them outside in the garage if possible. If not, designate a spot for shoes. You don’t have to be so meticulous as to put individual pairs in boxes, but having a large covered box or cubby in the mudroom for each person in the family can help contain dust before it’s a problem.

2. Cut back on your knick-knacks. It’s tempting to keep everything, but the more furniture and knick-knacks you have, the more surfaces dust will settle itself on. Although Pledge Coupons can help you buy the right tools to get rid of dust on any surface, not having those surfaces available for dust to collect on at all is just easier!

3. Limit the areas where your pets are allowed. Dust in the bedroom is usually the biggest problem, so try to keep pets out of the bedroom so they aren’t tracking in dust and dander.

4. Vacuum at least twice a week, if not more. If you have carpets, you should definitely practice vacuuming often, since this can keep dust from settling into your carpets, where dust mites can multiply. Also, move the furniture once a week or so and get the dust bunnies out from under it before they get too big.

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As you can see, these are pretty basic tips. They can, though, prevent the buildup of dust in your home and keep you from having to dust every other day! Of course, you’ll still have to dust most every week or so, unless you live in a place that doesn’t have any dirt. When it comes time to dust, use Pledge Coupons to invest in the products that will treat your furniture right and will make dusting a breeze.

Of course, you can use your free printable Pledge Coupons for traditional lemon-scented Pledge spray, but the company has a whole bunch of new products out now that are definitely worth checking out. For instance, you may want to look at the Dust and Allergen line, which is specifically meant to trap dust so you aren’t just pushing it around on surfaces and are actually doing something about the problem. The company also has extra moisturizing treatments for wood, pet hair furniture sweepers, dust wipes for hand dusting, and even a multi-surface cleaner so you can dust wood, glass, and metal with the same spray.

Now is a great time to use Pledge Coupons to stock up on the Pledge products you need to make your home totally dust free.

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