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Keeping an entire family healthy in the wintertime is no small feat! It just seems like everyone passes disease back and forth so that no one ever really gets better. If this is a problem in your family, here are just five ways to keep your family healthier this cold and flu season:

Lysol Coupons

1. Teach everyone to wash their hands practically all the time. Even toddlers are big enough to learn how to really soap their hands up before and after eating and after using the restroom. Keeping your hands clean will help keep everyone from passing sickness around and around all winter.

2. Open the windows. It seems counter-intuitive to open the windows in your home in the winter, since we’ve all been told that being cold can give you a cold. Well, new research shows that coldness doesn’t actually cause a cold! In fact, many doctors believe that the reason colds and the flu are so prevalent in the winter is that we live in recycled air and never go outside! Get some fresh, germ-free air in your home by opening windows and doors wide for about ten minutes each day. You won’t lose much heat, but your air will be much better.

3. Eat healthy meals. Maybe another reason we get sick in the winter is that we get less fresh fruits and veggies. You can actually save on healthy foods for your family with Grocery Coupons. Packing in healthy foods will boost immune systems and keep you from getting sick.

4. Toss out that toothbrush! After a sick person gets better, toss out her toothbrush to keep the infection from recurring. It’s a good practice to get new toothbrushes every month or so, anyway.

5. Use Lysol Coupons to save on your favorite disinfectant products, and use them religiously. Lysol Coupons can help make sprays and foams cheaper, which helps you save more on fighting colds and the flu in your home.

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Once you find your free Lysol Coupons, you just have to print them off and take them to your favorite supermarket. Stock up on Lysol disinfecting sprays, particularly. When you’ve got Lysol Coupons, you can afford to keep a bottle of spray in every bathroom, in the kitchen, and in your cleaning basket. That way, you can spray down doorknobs, phones, and other often-handled items in your home that are likely to carry germs! Now that you've killed the germs, use Glade Coupons to get yourself a yummy smelling candle to put the finishing touches on your cleaning job!

With Lysol Coupons and these other suggestions, your family will get through cold and flu season much more easily. Just keep it all disinfected, and enjoy a cold and flu free winter this year!

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