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Claus Porto soap is all-natural and has been made in the family's factory for over one hundred years. Oprah has added it to her list of favorite things, so you know it's good. These soaps are jumbo size, and packed in bright, colored wrappers. The various scents include Citron Verbena, Wild Pansy, Orange Amber, Sweet Tobacco, Red Poppy Tobacco and Honeysuckle. Claus Porto coupons, including printable coupons, will help you save money on this wonderful and unique soap.

Claus Porto soaps have a 100% vegetable base, and their Shea butter will make your hands soft and supple. The fragrances are unique and special, and are inspired by the south of France. The company was originally founded in Portugal by two chemists, in 1887. During World War II, the chemists, who were German, had to leave Portugal, and they sold their company to one of the executives. Since then, the family of that executive, Achilles de Brito, has run the company, and his grandson is in charge today. You'll be happy to have online Claus Porto coupons from to help you get coupons for your favorite brands like Hugo Naturals Coupons, and Ivory Coupons.

Online Claus Porto Coupons

Soaps from Claus Porto are made the same way now as they have been made since they became a renowned product in Europe, and they have been used in houses of fashion in England, Spain and France. The natural ingredients are milled a total of seven times, which is the traditional way of milling in Europe, to force out all the air bubbles. This creates a hard and dense soap bar, with superior lather. Claus Porto coupons will give you the best deal on this special soap, which retains its fragrance through the whole bar, due to the way it is milled. This soap also goes through a special drying process, which helps the individual bars stay whole, instead of splitting or cracking like most bars of soap. Free Soap Coupons and printable coupons will allow everyone to experience these wonderful soaps for themselves.

Moisturizing soaps like those of Claus Porto help to protect your skin with Shea butter and coconut oil. The scents are unique and special, especially the tobacco scents. The only thing that may keep this soap off your own shopping list is the price, but when you use Claus Porto coupons from, they will be much more affordable for you.

Claus Porto soap comes in extra large bars, and you can buy them in packs of three. Who would mind saving with Claus Porto coupons? They also come in eighteen difference scents, so you're sure to find one you like. Every bar is made with a vegetable soap base, and Shea butter makes them more skin softening. The lather is extra-luxurious, and free coupons make this soap more affordable. These soaps make wonderful gifts for your friends. They will be welcomed by friends and family who stay with you, and get a chance to experience the soaps.

Unless you were in Macon, Georgia, where Oprah introduced Claus Porto soap as a favorite, you will want to look at a local Neiman Marcus store or Lafco New York to purchase it. This soap is sure to become a favorite in your household. Baths and showers will be more enjoyable, and your skin will show the results of its rich softening agents.

Claus Porto soap uses Shea butter to make it more moisturizing, and these bars are of high quality soap, as compared to the shower gels you probably use now. Printable Claus Porto coupons from the most popular free coupons site,, will help put these wonderful soaps in the reach of almost everyone. Shower gels use extra ingredients and chemicals that your skin does not need. You can place your Claus Porto soap bars on a rack, so that they will dry naturally. They will last longer this way, and you can use printable coupons to purchase extra bars to keep on hand. Scented soaps that are healthy for your skin will be a favorite way for you to pamper yourself.

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