Ajax Coupons

Ajax is a powerful cleaner that comes in several forms now. The main ones still sold by the original company are a powdered floor cleaner and a dish washing liquid. However, a wider line of Ajax products exists in the realm of industrial cleaners, and its powerful cleaning power is helpful for custodians everywhere. Ajax is a great cleaner in its own right, but it’s also been around for a while, which means there are many interesting facts about this cleaner:

Ajax Coupons

Ajax is named for the legendary Greek character of the same name, king of Salamis who was Agamemnon’s most powerful warrior. This cleaner was first introduced by Colgate-Palmolive in 1947 and went with the slogan “Stronger than dirt!” The same slogan carried over into the Ajax laundry detergent introduced in the 1960’s. Eventually, the slogan changed to “It cleans like a white tornado,” and UK commercials featured actress Ann Lancaster, adding to the popularity of the brand name. In 1962, Ajax was introduced with an ammoniated cleaner, which gave the then-popular Mr. Clean brand a run for its money. The ammonia in the cleaner didn’t smell fantastic, but it really did help get the job done. The Ammoniated Floor Cleaner in powder form was introduced in 1943, and it’s still similar to what you can get today.

Now, Colgate-Palmolive only owns the copyright for the dishwashing liquid and the floor cleaner. In 2005, the company sold the rights to the Ajax brand name on laundry detergents to Phoenix Brands. You can get more Ajax products through industrial cleaning supply stores now than through your regular supermarket.

Online Ajax Coupons

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